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JJWhat is one word that you would use to describe Freddie?

MT: Sincere. Freddie is like the nicest guy. He’s so smart, he’s pretty intelligent that sometimes, it’s frustrating to talk to him because he’s so much smarter than you are (laughs). The most impressive thing about Freddie is how he’s able to juggle acting, but he also goes to Cambridge. He speaks four languages – French, Spanish, Arabic, and there’s another one. It’s really impressive!

(Source: fyeahmaxthieriot)


I explain supernatural seasons 
Season 1: Actually Scary 
Season 2: A lot of Soul Selling 
Season 3: Sam is sad and so am I 
Season 4: Oh THERE’S Cas 
Season 5: A good “Ending” 
Season 6: Castiel gets mad and then I do 
Season 7: Filler and Mitt Romney 
Season 8: Please stop torturing Sam Winchester please just stop 
Season 9: Sam is dead on the inside and so am I 

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